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High School Seniors: Apply Now for the 2019 Y.E.S. Emerging Artists Fund Scholarship
Y.E.S. Emerging Artists Fund
Fequently Asked Questions for Interested Students

Download the 2019 Y.E.S. Emerging Artists Fund Application

What kind of artists are eligible to apply?
Any high school senior student living in Buncombe County pursuing a career as a performer may apply. Styles include, but are not limited to: dancers (ballet, modern, hip hop, street dance, tap, clogging, step, African, and other styles); actors; musicians (instrumental); vocalists (classical, pop, rap, country, world, and other styles); spoken word/slam poets; and artists pursuing more than one performance genre. Please contact Diana Wortham Theatre if you have a question about eligibility.

What should be included in the letter from my mentor/teacher?
Please ask your mentor to describe why they feel you deserve this award. They should include information about your artistry, reliability, communications skills, self-discipline, and integrity.

Can a teacher recommend more than one student?
Teachers: Download the 2019 Emerging Artists Fund flyer for your classroom

Do I have to use an original audition piece?
Original pieces are appreciated but not a requirement. You may audition with a selection created by someone else. If your piece is chosen to be used on stage, you may be required to obtain the appropriate permissions and/or royalties to perform the piece. Diana Wortham Theatre can assist you with this process.

Do I need to hire a professional to film my video?
No. You can take a high quality video using a smart phone or regular camera with a tripod. See further instructions about your video in the application packet.

How are the awards determined?
A panel of performing arts professionals, educators at the college and high school level, and select Diana Wortham Theatre staff and board members will review the application materials and make final determinations. Applicants will be rated in areas such as showmanship, professionalism, skill, creativity, presence, written application, career goals, and planned use of scholarship funds.

When will the finalists be notified?
Finalists for the 2019 Emerging Artists Fund scholarship will be notified via email or phone before March 31, 2019. Applications for the 2019 scholarship are no longer being accepted.

Are there events or functions I am required to attend if chosen?
Awards will be distributed at the live performance by the Jonathan Scales Fourchestra, Saturday, May 4, 2019 at 8:00 p.m. at Diana Wortham Theatre. Winners will be invited to perform in the show. Award winners should be available to perform the evening of the May 4th performance, and to participate in required rehearsal on May 3rd.

Do I have to use the award for a college program?
No. Award winners may use the award in any capacity that furthers their education in preparation for a career in the performing arts. This may include college expenses, internships, training, or programs outside of a college environment. The intended use of the award must be clearly stated in the application. Please consult a professional tax advisor to determine the tax implications of a scholarship award.

Will I receive feedback from my application?
All applicants will have access to comments and suggestions from the judges.